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Welcome to the Rochester Bridal Show Wedding Trends!
Here you'll find current ideas that our vendors are seeing and
what brides are doing these days, whether it's traditional or
something completely different.
Anything from the from the wedding dress to
the reception site, the music & so much more you'll see it here from the experts!

* Weddings:

We've noticed a big increase in brides wanting to get married outside, sometimes right at the reception site. Most of the Banquet Facilities listed with us now have that capability. Many reception sites have found this a viable option and are adding
(if they don't already have) a gazebo or arch. If you get married at one place and are having the reception at another, be sure to give directions to both and come up with something to do in between if there is a lot of time between the ceremony and reception. One idea is to meet back at the brides house or go around town,
beep the horns and take lot's of pictures!
Just remember one thing, after all, this is Rochester, NY,
so be sure to have a plan "b" if it rains, most places will just move you inside.

Another important thing is to be sure either the DJ or whoever is doing the music can provide the person conducting the ceremony with a wireless mic. As having also DJ'd many Wedding/Receptions, there's nothing more disappointing then hearing the music then NOT being able to hear the ceremony especially for people in the third row or beyond!
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* Weddings:

I think weddings should be very unique,
that is what makes each wedding very special.

I feel if the Bride wants her Father and her Mother to walk her
down the aisle then that is the way it should happen.
In fact, whom ever is special in the Bride's life
(it could be a friend, relative, co-worker, etc.)
would be just fine too.

Also, in exchanging vows instead of just saying the words, use props.
Not only is it fun and takes the tension off, but using props can be very meaningful. An example of this would be the bride and groom could exchange mirrors, look into them, and then see how happy they look at that moment. Keep the mirrors handy, maybe put them on a dresser and pick them up occasionally and remember how happy that day was.

Diana Sheffer
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Party and Event Specialist
Making All YOUR Dreams Come True!
Phone: (585)334-6657
Dated: 9/23/02

* Weddings:

Brides are calling us more frequently than ever
(especially since 9/11) in search of a more intimate, meaningful day.

Less hoopla, less money, less people
(just because your mother and father were invited
to 'their' sons wedding...and this is a payback!)

People are having small, intimate gatherings in front of our fireplace,
or under an arch in the English Gardens with their dearest friends and family surrounding them.

I love the trend - much more meaningful in the long run.

Susan Alvarez, Innkeeper
A B&B at The Edward Harris House Inn
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"Arrive as a guest - leave as a friend!"
Dated: 9/25/02

* Wedding Cakes:

A trend that is very old is saving the top tier
of your wedding cake for your first year anniversary.

A new trend for that, is to ask your baker
to make a FREE 6" layer on your first anniversary,
so you don't have to save it.

I offer that to all my customers!!!!

Debbie Fedele - DeCoste (Owner)
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Dated: 9/25/02

* Receptions:

Many couples these days are doing a "theme" type of reception.
We've seen the bridal parties done up in everything from a Country Western theme
A Renaissance Style (dressed up as knights,queens kings) and even (believe it or not) a Kiss Theme wedding, it was totally black and white complete with make up.
Whatever makes you happy and fits your personality, the skies the limit!
The Rochester Bridal Show On-Line

* Music:

We've been in the DJ business for over 12 years now and the one thing we can tell you is how important it is to actually meet with the DJ as opposed to over the phone, if it's at all possible. You really pick up a lot about the other's personality and get a real "feel" for the person conducting your party and it really beats a "cold meet" the day of your wedding. Many, Many more items to go over will always come up during a face - face meeting as opposed to doing it all over the phone.

Over the years, many trends have come about, from having the DJ getting the guest to sing a love song to get the couple to kiss, Having a special song played as the wedding party enter (usually way upbeat) the snowball dance (the dj will tell everyone on the dance floor to go get someone else and bring them to the dance floor) the list goes on and on.

The important things your DJ needs to know is the music you want and even a list of songs you DON'T want that may be offense or even bring back some bad memories, just to be sure they don't get played.

Another important item is to NOT place elderly people next to the speakers. We've seen it happen time after time and they'll be the ones who'll want it turned down, making it difficult for folks further away to hear. So, if you think of it, place them away from the speakers and allow them and everyone to have a more enjoyable time.

One more item, is to write the names to be announced (that may be difficult) the regular way, then phonetic ally (the way the names should be pronounced) it'll make it easier for the DJ too and avoid you the frustration of mis-pronounced names.
Warren Stam
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Dated: 9/22/02

* Photography:

Obvious trends in wedding photography include the move to all-digital weddings,
but I'm sure that many other photographers will give their insight on that topic. (Including buying digital cameras that really won't last for too long due to low-end construction (but, Hey, the price was right!) Plastic bodies and such.
Not good with heavy lenses over the long haul.)

One trend that I'm trying to push out there is the
"try before you buy" method of booking a photographer
(I'm afraid this will not be well received by my photographic colleagues.)

In all of my mailings I'm asking if it doesn't make sense
for the bride and groom to try out their photographer
and his/her shooting style before they book.

All cars look great on the showroom floor, but they don't always perform as well as they look when you get them on the road. In a similar manner, all photographers look good in their office with their selected samples, but they may not perform as well as on the wedding day for that particular couple.

We've developed a marketing strategy that says
"Look, let us photograph you at a nearby location of your choice
(NOT in the home field advantage studio)
to see if you like the way we interact with you
and if you like the photos of our session.
Then, if you like us, you can book us.
If you don't, you still get some nice photos out of the experience."

Can this waste a lot of photographer time? Yup !!!

Can it closes deals? Yup!!!!!

Will I continue this through the 2003 wedding season?
You Bet.

Just thought that I would write about the trend to digital.
I've had quite a few brides that are booking into 2003 ask for digital photography coverage. The big draw is that they seem to realize that the photographer can take many more photos at their wedding and that their selection of great images can be substantially larger with digital than with film. Many more are also asking for all of their images on a DVD show in place of the standard "proof" book.

One of the BIG issues is, however, they still want the ability to have a wall portrait made of any image they choose. This implies that the photographer needs to use a camera with a significant number of pixels and expose the image properly so that there is no pixilization nor aliasing when the image is enlarged. This could be a challenge in some cases.

Best Regards,
Carl Facciponte
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Dated: 9/23/02